Shrink Wrap

Story Began in 2012 with MT and Luke

Starting the shrink wrap business based on the philosophies of uncompromised quality and professionalism. Wrap Master have been a force in New Zealand’s construction landscape for many years and have developed a strong reputation for quality systems that work to be done quickly and efficiently. Even the most difficult jobs are straight forward for our team of expert and professional technology owned.



Our company is hot-blooded about continuously improving our services and safety standards. Our expertized team have great experience within the shrink-wrapping industry and hold Site Safe and Height and Harness Training qualifications.


Our Aims

It could be extremely challenging as it comes to the shrink-wrapping job, but our company has our own special technique to wrap a project to make sure that it fulfills your needs. Our company will develop the best plan to wrap the project.


Major Views

We are a highly-motivated team, who received great training and work with great professionalism and dedication. You can fully rely on Wrap Master and we will provide you the best services you ever had.